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My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask

February 25, 2015

I finally used this delicious-smelling mask the other day and thought I'll talk a little bit about it. 
This will be a very brief and short review since you guys have already seen a bunch of other reviews about My Beauty Diary sheet masks.

This sheet mask is great for those with normal skin types. 
It hydrates the skin and helps improve elasticity. 

It has a wonderful chocolate scent which is totally different than the face masks I've tried in the past. The sheet masks I've tried in the past did not have a scent as strong.  

When applied, it gives my skin a cool tingling feeling which felt relaxing.
After the 20 minutes, I gently rubbed the rest of the serum on my face and rinsed off. I know that most people just leave it on their face to air dry, but I can't do that with most mask since there is just SO much left over serum. I don't feel that rinsing after the use would make it less effective since I believe my skin has absorbed as much as it needed after the 20 minutes.
Just do what feels right to you!

My skin did feel softer and firmer after the use. 
I do recommend this face mask for those that are interested! 
It seems as though a lot of beauty products are starting to add cocoa or a cocoa scent so might as well give a mask a try, right?

Hope this review was helpful! 


Klenspop discount code

February 24, 2015
Hey guys! I did a review for a pair of their lenses the other day and it seems like a lot of you guys liked it! So I managed to get a nice discount code for you all to use.

Just use NU2URMZL for 10% off your purchase!
I hope you guys will enjoy this discount. I also edited the review with this code, but I thought it might be better to also make a separate post for it since I don't think people will refer back to the post if they already saw the review.



[Sponsored] Klenspop Circle Lens Review: Twister Caramel Choco

February 22, 2015
Really love klenspop's packaging. 
Every pair of circle lenses comes with a free lens case and tweezers which is always a plus in my book!
Diameter: 14.2mm 
Graphic Diameter: 13.4mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Life Span: 1 year disposal 
Country of origin: South Korea

As you can see from the photos above, these lenses are a beautiful brown color. It has a spiral/twisting design unlike any lenses I have tried before, and it is not distinctive which works well to blend into my natural eye color.

These lenses enlarges very naturally in my eyes. It gives me the perfect enlargement without making me look bug-eyed.

These feel really comfortable! They practically melted into my eyes haha!~ However, like most circle lenses, these do feel a bit drying if you are staring at a screen all day so remember to use eye drops!

I love these! Remember when I tried out the Lovely Choco lenses, and how I was sad that they only last for a month? Well, I found another pair that can last a lot longer! These Twister Caramel Choco lenses are the exact lenses that I was looking for, and they're currently $9.50 right now on klenspop's site so be sure to check them out! 
I hope this review was helpful!

Use code "NU2URMZL" for 10% off your purchase!

I want to thank klenspop for letting me choose these lenses for the review. 
I'm really happy with them!


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