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Rosmio x Uhhsandy: Nagua Cover up

January 31, 2015
Hey guys!
I'm excited to announce my first collaboration with designers - Miozotis Pumarol and Roslyn Khongsai!
Their brand Rosmio has this wonderful Resort Collection, and I got the chance to choose a piece and style it for you guys.
I will be showing two ways to style this. 

Rosmio Coverup | H&M Top | Forever21 Skirt | Onecklace Name Plate Necklace | Foreve21 Leaf Necklace | H&M Triangle Necklace

This is my boho girly look which features the Nagua Coverup.
For this look I added girly elements like a fluttery, dusty pink skirt and a sweet half-do with my hair. I kept my color palette pretty neutral so the cover up will still remain the focus for the look. Adding any other warm pastel color would still work since the embellishments are antique gold.

Rosmio Coverup | Forever21 Top | American Apparel Pants | Charlotte Russe Boots | Onecklace Name Plate Necklace

I'm so original with my outfit names.
For this look I went for an all black one (surprise, surprise), but I played with textures to make it a bit more interesting. This all black look really makes the embellishments on the coverup stand out and give the overall chic look. Add a high bun and you'll get the perfect boho chic!

Please check out their collection. :)
I know it may be out of some people's price range, but everything is hand-sewn and very nice quality.
I also have a discount code for 15% off [ Blog40 ] that you guys can use if you're insterested.

I hoped you guys liked how I styled these looks featuring the Nagua Coverup and don't forget to check out to see their wonderful collection!

*Most photos taken by Diana Y.
ash brown

Palty Hair Dye: Milk Tea Brown Review (Blonde to Ash Brown)

January 25, 2015
It seems like forever since I last did a Palty Hair dye post. 
I think the last time is when I was a brunette. For those that don't know, this is the brand I used for my brunette days. The color I used to use was called Macaron Beige. I thought about using that color again, but I didn't find it at the place in NYC that I usually buy this hair dye from, so I decided to try something new. I wanted to achieve the darker blonde/very, very light brown color which is why I decided on this color. 

Palty Milk Tea Brown
The packaging is cute like always! It shows how this dye would work with whichever hair you are starting out with like most box dyes. I find that usually the indications is really close to how it will turn out. In one box it contains all the things you see here - instructions, conditioner, gloves, developer inside of container, tooth-combed applicator, and the color tube.

My hair color before dyeing it.
Yes it's very brassy and in need of a good toning and a touch-up with the roots. This is also how it looks with two days without washing.

I forgot to take pictures of the application process so I'm just going to explain what happened. 
After putting the color dye in the developer and shaking it until the mixture is uniformed, I had my sister apply the formula onto my roots. The reason is because my roots are darker than the rest of my hair so in order to make it blend well with the rest of the hair later, I need to dye those sections first. When she was done doing all of my roots, I waited for 5-10 minutes before I had her do the rest of my hair. After we were done with the whole head, I waited about 30 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. I used to leave it in for a hour, but I didn't want the color to be that dark. The recommended time is actually 20-25 minutes, but I always put it in longer because I feel like my hair can take it longer and I feel like the color result will be closer to the box.

Here are the end results!
My roots are almost exactly like the rest of the hair color!

We ended up using both of the boxes I bought and ran out. So I told my sister to focus mainly on the upper part of my hair and just blend it towards the ends. Worst case scenario is to have a slight ombre which I don't mind. For reference, I have thick, medium length hair. I think three boxes would have been able to cover all of it. 

In person after washing, my hair looked greenish. It doesn't look like that in photos for some reason, but it was definitely a greenish, grey brown. The pictures above was taken a day after I dyed my hair. In natural lighting it looks like a nice beige, honey blonde or a very light, light brown. I was trying to find picture of when my hair did look greenish on camera, but that was on Snapchat, and I forgot the save the snap...

After a couple of weeks, my hair color has faded to a dirty blonde color which I actually really like! The greenish color pretty much faded. This is the closest that I have gotten to my dream hair color so I was really happy with my result!

I hope this post was helpful! I'm actually thinking about making a post about greenish hair after going from blonde to brown and the reason why that happens and how to fix it. 
Let me know if that will be something you'll be interested in!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all will have a great day!


NYC Trip IVb: Last Food Adventures (Silk Road Cafe)

January 20, 2015

We stopped by this quaint little coffee shop because we wanted something warm to drink. This is my first time to a coffee shop aside from Starbucks so I was pretty excited. I didn't really know what to order so I chose a safe item - LATTE! I always see all these really cute latte art online so I wanted to see what I'll get. As you saw, it was one of those standard heart/leaf designs :). The latte was pretty bitter compared to the ones I usually get at Starbucks, but some sugar helped! 
Overall, the experience was pretty nice. It's a good place to chill and chat. 


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