NYC Trip Part III: Late Lunch, Late Dinner, and Late Night Karaoke

December 29, 2014
Continuing my posts on the NYC Trip, here's some photos for the evening. It mostly consists of foods and family chatting amongst each other. 
Obligatory picture of the foods we're about to feast on.
This is not all the foods that we had. There was at least 2-3 more dishes that came out after this picture was taken! Then, there was orange slices at the end along with some sweet red bean soup. Everything was so delicious!
My usual peeps and I ended the night with some karaoke. My cousin from my mom's side was the one that helped us find a place. She's so nice! This was our (my usual peeps and I) first time going so we were pretty excited! AND OMG JASON CHEN IS ON IT!


NYC Trip Part II: Shopping in SOHO

December 27, 2014
We explored a little bit at SOHO before meeting back up with my parents. SOHO is basically the shopping area in Manhattan; it's pretty close to Chinatown. I think this is my second time here. We didn't get to explore as much of the area as the first time since this trip was pretty much planned around my parents aha...I did pick up two tops! They're both from Necessary Clothing.
I was also really tempted to get a cute mug, but decided against it because I didn't want to risk it being broken on the way back. Our bags were already packed. 
Reminder to self: Bring extra bags to carry goodies.



NYC Trip Part I: Revisiting Favorite Food Places

December 26, 2014
We arrived around 6-7 AM which was really early. Usually it takes about 7-8 hours for us to get to NYC by bus. It was still dark and nothing was opened so we stopped by my cousin's grandpa's place to hang out for a few hours before heading down to get some food. We decided to get some Asian buns/pastries and a hot drink at the nearby bakery cafe - Taipan Bakery. This is the bakery cafe we always stop by since it's close and a little cheaper than the other nearby ones. 
After we got our food, we went back to my cousin's grandpa's because there was no space to sit in Taipan Bakery. I always get a hot ying yang milk tea and a few egg tarts. My favorites! 

I thought we were going to go get dim sum after our little breakfast/snack from the bakery, but my parents said we weren't going to go until around 1 when we meet up with my other relatives. My usual peeps and I were a little disappointed because if we had knew we would have gotten more at the bakery cafe haha. (We're all fatties).

So while the parents went grocery shopping, we went to another place to get food. 
We were here last time and thought the wonton noodles were REALLY good. Bf was basically obsessed with coming back to NYC to just to go to this place, but he didn't even end up ordering the wonton noodles! LOL. 
We ordered stir-fried beef noodles and suimai to share.
I didn't really have an appetite since it was still quite early in the morning. (I usually don't eat until almost a hour after I wake up. I just don't have a big appetite in the mornings). Otherwise, I would have ordered the woton noodles.

Since I took SO many photos, I decided to just split them up in different posts. This will be the first of four NYC Trip parts. I know that having four instead of three or five parts is a bit odd, but I tried my best to split them up so it will make sense. So please stay tune for the upcoming posts and the vlog of this trip!


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