Spring/Summer Skincare Routine

October 26, 2014
Hey all!

I know that it's Fall in the U.S. right now, but I thought I'll share my Spring/Summer skincare routine anyway since I have switched my regime for the cooler weather. I remember a reader asked me to share what skin care products I use and I did briefly explain them in a Monthly Favs video, but I thought it might be better to just do an entire post on the products for easier access ^-^.

Here is everything I use:

I will go briefly into what I do with each product and how it works on me.

1. Rimmel London Makeup Remover
I really like this makeup remover even though it doesn't really remove some stubborn waterproof makeup. I normally don't wear water proof makeup except for mascara so I didn't have a problem with it. I prefer this drugstore makeup remover to the other ones because it leave NO yucky residue. I find that most makeup removers that comes with two parts (oil + clear liquid) always leave left over residue on my face even when I rinse my face after using it. I always had to rubbed the areas to get rid of them which can get pretty annoying. Also, I didn't find much differences in the performance of this makeup remover compared to the two part ones.

2. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser
I have been using this cleanser for a really long time. This is my second bottle. It's very gentle and does it's job perfectly. I always go back to this after trying other cleansers because this actually calms my skin down. I use this both in the morning and at night. I would recommend this cleanser to all skin types.

3. Artistry Polishing Scrub
I use this mostly this in the evening. I use it about one to two times a week and on nights that I don't use the Aveeno Foam Cleanser. Along with the cleanser, I have used this for a really long time. I want to say about three or more years. It has blue micro beads that helps exfoliate my skin. It is also gentle enough to use every day, but I don't need that much exfoliation so I don't. Plus, it's not good to exfoliate too much either.

4. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
I have already did a review on this so I won't get into too much detail. For more details, please check it out here. I think this is a great toner for those that have normal/dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin then this is probably not as effective since it does contain alcohol which can dry out your skin. Since it has gotten cooler, I found that this isn't as effective for me as it was during the summer. My spring/summer skin isn't has dry as my fall/winter skin.

5. The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Heating Mask
I got this mask last summer at The Face Shop up in NOVA since we don't have one where I live. I used this pretty sporadically over the warmer months and will probably continue to use in the cooler months as well. I don't get as much blackheads as I used to, but I still have them. My blackheads are a lot calmer in the warmer months since I don't touch it as much, but recently I noticed that they are a lot more visible. The mask is okay. The interesting thing about it is that it heats up as you rub it in and then you let it sit on your nose for like 15 minutes and then wash it off. I can't really say much since I haven't used it consistently enough. Maybe I will post a more in depth review later on :).

6. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this brand and lotion. I use this on my body and sometimes my face. I think it's pretty good. It does it's job and it doesn't really have a scent and doesn't clog pores.

7. Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly
This eye cream is good for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I think it's meant for older women, but I decided to try it anyway since I do have a little crow's feet and fine lines around my eyes. I remembered that it did sting a little bit at the outer corners of my eyes which is where the crows feet are, but after a while I got used to it. I don't exactly know if it really reduced my crows feet, but I think it did. They seem to be shorter than before. I did stop using it after watching AsianBeautySecrets' video about eye creams and how you are not supposed to have white dots appear under your eyes, because it means the eye cream is too rich for you. I tested it out multiple times during the winter and the white dots keep reappearing whenever I use it consistently so I just gave it to my mom.

8. Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm
Don't forget about the lips! Did you know that your lips can tell people a lot about your health? Yep! This is my go to lip balm over the summer and I still continue to use it whenever I need it. Unlike other lip balms, this just gets the job done and you won't feel like you always need to reapply. Definitely recommend.

9. Artistry Time Defiance Day Protect Creme SPF15
I've talked about this moisturizer in a favorites video. I've been using it for about two or more years now. I love that it contains SPF so I don't need to apply another product to my face. It hydrates and nourishes my skin and preps it before I put on makeup.

10. Artistry Time Defiance Night Creme
This is the night creme I use after I cleanse and tone my face in the evening. It is the same consistency as the day creme, but I feel like it's more hydrating to the skin. I use the same amount of product for both, but this one leave my skin looking more "greasy". Sorry for my lack of a better word, but I feel like it's a little heavier which is good since it helps my skin stay hydrated overnight.

So that's it! This is all of the things I use for my skincare over the summer (warmer months).
I wanted to post this earlier, but I've been caught up with other things...
Hopefully, this will still be helpful for some? I will mostly likely be using most of these products for the cooler months, too along with other things that are more hydrating since my skin does get drier.
I will probably make another post for fall/winter skincare when I get a routine down. I'm still experimenting with some products and trying things out to see how my skin reacts to it. When I get it down, I will share again ~.



Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review

October 14, 2014
I finally got a chance to try out one of Lush's Fresh Face Mask - 

If you don't already know, Lush do not sell most of its face masks online. Its masks are made fresh with natural ingredients so there is an expiration date. I believe the only one that does not have an expiration date is the Mask of Magnaminty in the bigger container since I saw it in store that it was "self-preserving." I think it's new.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review

LOVE the packaging. It's so sleek! It's also nice to know that it's made with recycled materials and has all the information a customer needs to know about it's product, promotions, instructions, and etc.

This mask is made with banana, oats, almonds, and vanilla so it smells really good! I think it smells like a granola bar. The consistency is quite gritty because of the oats and almonds which is new to me since most of the masks I've tried are gel-like, clay-like or are sheet masks. When I applied this Oatifix mask, it looks a bit gross on the face - almost like boogers (LOL!). Also, there is a lot of product in the container. Pictured is after three uses and for all three times a generous amount was applied to the face.

"Sensitive, dry or irritated faces love Oatifix for its calming oats, softening mashed banana and ground almonds to slough away flaky skin."

During application, I noticed that certain parts of my face stung a little; mostly my cheeks. I assumed it was like that because that's where I have redness and one of the driest part of my face. The stinging sensation went away after a little bit. When I washed off the mask with lukewarm water, I could immediately feel a difference with the texture of my skin. It felt almost like I had a layer of something on to protect it. It was a little weird because this layer did not feel greasy or anything. I guess this is what maximum hydration for my skin feels like? It's really hard to explain without letting you guys touch it.

This mask is definitely hydrating! I recommend this face mask for those that have extremely dry, flaky skin. I think the hydration is a bit much for my skin type (dry/normal). I was able to go about 2-3 days without any type of moisturizer. I found that if I use a moisturizer after this mask or any other day following, it makes my face feel greasy and oily. The hydration for my skin lasts about 2-3 days.
Also, if you are not a frequent face mask user, I recommend sharing it with friends. I shared it with two other people which totaled 6-7 uses. I used this mask four times before it expired and it was bought three weeks before the expiration date; there was still a lot left...
Will I repurchase this?
I am not sure. It depends how my skin is later in winter, but the next face mask I want to try is the Catastrophe Cosmetic. Hopefully, my local Lush store will have that one in stock next time I go. I was going to get the Catastrophe Cosmetic instead of the Oatifix, but I'm still glad I tried it. :)

Hope this review was helpful~
Feel free to leave any questions or recommendations in the comments below!

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Tutorial: Pink Hair!

October 09, 2014
Hi guys!
I've been waiting for a good time to make my hair this color ever since my lavender/lilac hair so here it is! Since it's already October, why not?

Today I will be showing you how I achieved this color, but for those that saw my post of how to achieve lavender/lilac hair, you can probably already guess how~
Also, this method works best if you have blonde or white hair. To find out how to achieve blonde hair check out my Hair tag.

- your choice of color
- white conditioner
- plastic container 
- gloves
- [optional] hair coloring brush

Make your solution about 3-4 shades darker than your desired color.
Since I know that some sections of my hair has a warmer toner, I opted for a more cool toned pink.

Then, you just apply it on your hair.
 I mostly concentrated the solution at my midsections and ends since those are the areas that are more dry compared to my roots. That section has gone through two bleachings and toned with toner.

From previous experience, I know that the pink won't show up near my grown-out roots area since it's not bleach, and the section that has only been bleached once and not toned will be a brownish color.

The once bleached section and not toned came out to be a strawberry blonde/peachy-salmon color. It's pretty much how I expected it to look.
Whereas the ends are more of a pastel pink since that section has been bleached twice and toned.
I'm aware that it's not even, but it's temporary anyway so might as well have fun with it!
Also, my hair was in need of a deep conditioning so this method was perfect.

I already have an idea of my next unnatural hair color to go for so have a look out for that~
If you want, try to guess what color is next! 

BTW. Please check out my new makeup tutorial video if you haven't already!

Thanks for reading!


brown smokey eyes

Everyday Brown Smokey-Eyes Makeup Tutorial

October 06, 2014
Hello! Finally another makeup tutorial to share with you guys~ 
I actually recorded this a while ago, but had long forgotten about it until now. I thought I'll show you guys what I will typically do for a smokey eye on an everyday basis. This is also the look I usually go for when I do photoshoots or maybe film. I wore it for my July Favs video, too if you guys would like to check it out.

Everything I used in in the description box of the video.
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Thanks got watching ^-^.


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