Exploring Photo-set

July 14, 2014


This photo set was taken about two weeks ago when I went exploring with Mindy to find a good spot to practice our photography. Originally, I was going to take photos with my DSLR, but didn't realize that I had forgotten my battery at home. I was charging it earlier before we left the house and forgot to unplug it. So I had to make the best of it and used my phone's camera. I think these pictures turned out pretty well~.

Let me know if you like this type of posts because I kind of enjoying making these ^-^.

P.S. - Doesn't it remind you of an Instagram feed? I would have uploaded all of these photos on my instagram, but I didn't want to spam. I only uploaded a select few which is why some of these photos might look familiar to those that follow me there.

P.P.S. - For those that have not noticed or can't seem to put their finger on it, I did a few minor changes to my blog layout which is why it looks a little different haha.


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