Tutorial: Elsa (Snow Queen) Inspired Look from Frozen

May 24, 2014
Yes, it's finally here! A makeup tutorial!

I have been wanting to do Elsa's look ever since I knew about Frozen, but I never had the time to try it until now! By the way, apparently Once Upon A Time is going to have Elsa in it?? I don't watch this show, but hearing that news definitely made me want to get my lazy butt up and finally do this look. Let me know if I should check this show out.

Another optional step: You can make the look more dramatic by lining your water line which makes your eyes pop out more.

Here is the final look:

I apologize that I didn't brush out my brows to make them even. It was hard to tell since the sky kept changing from sunny and cloudy aha. Sorry, I'm not perfect. o(╥﹏╥)o

♪ Let it go. Let it go~ 

Honestly, the hardest part of the tutorial was the hair, but I think I did alright, right?
It would have been perfect if my hair was long like last summer's.

This look is also very suitable for something more elegant. All you have to do is straighten up your hair a bit!

I hope you guys liked this tutorial! I had a lot of fun making it!



How to clean tarnished silver jewelry

May 16, 2014
Lately, I've been reorganizing and straightening my room. Well, actually I've been doing that since I was done with finals aha... Anyway! While straightening up my jewelry section of the room, I found these silver bracelets that I used to wear all the time. They surely do not look like how they used to look. They actually looked a bit gross, so I decided to try the tooth paste trick that I heard about a long time ago. I thought, why not give it a try? So I did!

All you need is toothpaste and a tooth brush.
I just used whichever toothpaste I had at home and an old toothbrush I found in our bathroom closet.

As you can see, midway through cleaning this bracelet, I realized I should be blogging about this to share with you guys haha.

I just squirted some toothpaste on the sink and just took the toothbrush and started scrubbing away!

It definitely works on real silver jewelry!

Then, I tried it on a bracelet that is not made with real silver.

It works, too!
There are a few scratches and missing flakes, but it is because it is made with mixed metals and cheap materials - not because of scrubbing too hard with the tooth brush.

So I guess in conclusion, toothpaste really does work on silver/silver-looking jewelry!
I was definitely impressed. I guess it makes sense since toothpaste is a base, and the tarnish is cause by acids so they neutralizes each other out and viola! Back to being shiny jewelry!

I hope this post was helpful for those that are troubled with their jewelry tarnishing.
Let me know if you tried it!
As always, feel free to comment below or leave me a message on my chatbox if you have any suggestions for my next post/video.


3 tone

[Sponsored] Lens Village Circle Lens Review: EOS Gothic 3 Tone Turquoise

May 14, 2014

Today I have a circle lens review which Lens Village was kind enough to send me.
I decided to choose a pair in color because I realized that most of the lenses I review are either brown or grey. I thought I'll just mix it up a little!

Their business cards are so cute! They included a free animal case which is always a plus in my book!

DESIGN: ★★★★☆
Just like any three tone lenses, the design is radial with bursts of three different colors to give a natural appearance. These are one of my favorite circle lens designs, if you can't already tell.

COLOR: ★★★★★
The color is turquoise! It has the perfect amounts of blues and greens to make it stand out compared to other blue or green lenses. The three colors used are perfect because it gives it a very natural look. In certain lighting, the color varies to being blueish-grey to bright turquoise.

On the website, it said it was 14.5mm in diameter, but it appears a lot bigger in person. I guess it's because I usually wear 14.0mm-14.2mm which is why I thought it was so large. These give a VERY natural enlargement for its size. It still enlarges the eyes more than what I am used to, but it remains pretty natural and not alien-ish.

COMFORT: ★★★★☆
These are extremely comfortable for its size. When I wore them for the first time, I had forgotten that I had them on until I looked in the mirror! The second day I wore them, it felt a little dry after a couple of hours, but a few eye drops made it all better.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
Overall, these lenses are wonderful! I love how natural the color looks. These remind me of my number one favorite colored lenses (GEO Tri-Color Blue), but bigger. I think these are perfect for every-day-wear, dolly-looks, and maybe even cosplay because of its enlargement and color. I definitely feel like a barbie wearing these haha!

Please check out Lens Village if you are interested in these lenses! They also have a variety of other circle lenses in different brands, colors, and enlargements for very affordable prices.
They provided a discount code for me [10sandyuhh] to share with you guys for 10% off of your entire purchase!

Happy shopping!


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