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♡February Favs 2014 ♡

March 20, 2014
It's that time of the month again (No, not that! LOLJK). Here are my favorites for the month February; it's short and sweet like the month so hopefully, you'll like it!

I have included pictures of the beauty products I mentioned so you can see the colors better.

If you would like a more in depth review of any of the mentioned products, don't hesitant to ask!

Thanks for visiting!


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[Sponsored] Fobby Barbie Shop Circle Lens Review: Neo Vision Princess Chocolate Pearl Grey (Neo Vision Princess 3 Tone Gray)

March 18, 2014
It feels like forever since I last did a circle lens review!

Today I will be reviewing the Neo Vision Princess Chocolate Pearl Grey that Fobby Barbie Shop kindly sponsored. They were formerly know as Fobby Barbie for those that think this site sounds familiar. They have renovated their site and packaging so please check them out!

I love their new packaging. It has all of my favorite colors! It also has a great picture in the back to show you the correct way to wear contacts or circle lenses and helpful tips to keep in mind when wearing them.

DESIGN: ★★★★☆
The design is quite similar to the Neo Vision Shimmer Honey except the brown inner rim is smaller and the grey outer rim has a radiant, reptile-like or sunflower-like pattern. The pattern is almost like the GEO Fresh Brown, but with 3 colors instead of one. The first time I wore it, I thought my eyes looked very cat-like. I think this design help my eyes look more awake.

COLOR: ★★★★★
The grey is extremely vibrant in certain lighting. The three colors are blended in pretty well. I could barely make out the brown and light brown/gold. If you want grey lenses that will appear opaque on dark eyes, I recommend these!

These circle lenses have a very natural enlargement which is perfect for me! (If you haven't already noticed, I love circle lenses with the diameter of 14.2mm). If you prefer something more enlarged and dolly, these are not the ones for you.

I can wear these lenses for the whole day; however, if it's windy or if you stare at a computer screen/tv screen for a while, these can get a bit dry. A couple drops of eye drops helps a lot!

Here are pictures of how it looks in indoor, dim lighting. 

Looks quite natural with a dark grey tint.

Now here are pictures in direct, natural window lighting.

They look extremely vibrant and have a gorgeous light grey/silver tint ♡.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
I really LOVE the color of these circle lenses even though the design is a little reptile-like, but not as reptile-like as the GEO Nudy Brown I used to have. It's a refreshing color and the enlargement is perfect for me! I definitely recommend these!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this was helpful. 

And thank you again Fobby Barbie Shop for sponsoring these lenses!



Spring Break NYC Trip

March 12, 2014

Recently, I had a weekend trip to New York City with my usual people. 

We arrived at Chinatown around 7-8 AM. Our first stop was to drop off our luggage at my cousin's grandpa's place.

When we were done, obviously, we need to take the obligatory selfies.

Making our way to dim sum! 

The dim sum place didn't open until 9:30 AM so we went to this bakery cafe instead.

I got the hot yin-yang drink and eggits!

By the time we finished eating at the bakery cafe, we still had some time to kill before the dim sum place opened. 

We stopped by this collectible toy shop.

At last! We finally got in and got our dim sums~

After dim sum, we walked around and enjoyed ourselves. I didn't take any pictures because I was vlogging. You will see it in the vlog when I post it up.

We checked into the hotel at 3PM and hung out a bit until it was time to meet up with my auntie for dinner.

Doesn't everything look delicious?? It was!

We took some pictures with my auntie and our cousin after we ate our early dinner, but I didn't post them up for reasons.

Here's the couples picture. 
[Sister, her bf, my bf, and me ]

Me, Cousin Mindy, Bro

 We explored Chinatown some more after.
My cousin Mindy and I actually went to do a scavenger hunt while the others rested at their grandpa's.

We stopped by this little cute shop before we headed to Time Square. We always stop by this shop haha. This is where we usually get our Palty hair dyes.

I was interested in getting this, but decided not to and wait to read reviews for it first.

Just taking random pictures on our way to the subway.

I bought some strawberries the next day before we left.

Bf bought me this real coconut drink because I wanted to try it. It's not bad. Not as sweet as I thought it would be. If it was just a tad bit sweeter, it would have been perf 

When we finally got off the subway, we passed by these succulents.
Aren't they cute?! I wanted to get one on the way back, but we forgot...

We also wanted to come back here and again, forgot...


 One of the first things we saw were Disney characters!
Oh gosh, I look like a mess haha.

4 of us
(LOL I'm the only one not looking at my own camera)
We ended up having to tip all of them. 
We only wanted to take a picture with Minnie, but the Elmos came up to us...

Next, we went to Toys R Us.
It was so busy and HUGE!

One of the main reasons why we came to Toys R Us.
So asian~~~

We also stopped by H&M. Let me just say that it was again very busy and huge!

On our way back to the hotel.
Bf had to squeeze in haha.

DAY 2 aka Last Day

They all look so tired haha. Plus, the sun is in their eyes.

 We had wonton noodles for breakfast.

Pretty big bowl for its price.
Very yummy, too!

More exploring, eating, and walking around.

This place was so cute. This is where we all tried durian for the first time. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but later on the day, whenever I burped, I would taste it again haha.

We got this to-go and walked around a bit before eating it so it doesn't look that pretty. But trust me, it was really good!

At this point, I didn't take much pictures or vlog since it was our last day, and we had to buy a bunch of stuff before catching our bus.

Snacked on more eggits on the bus on our way home.

The trip was overall really fun! Please stay tuned to my VLOG. I will update this post when it is done.


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