Bubble Tea Break

December 16, 2013

 Today I had my second to last final presentation. I still have one more tomorrow. 

I was going to take an OOTD of what I wore for my presentation, but it was too dark to.

Anyway, my sister finally came back from her trip. She got us bubble tea (boba)!

The camera took too long to focus so by the time it took the picture, my smile ended up looking fake. Oh well~

Tomorrow will be my final presentation for the semester.
I can't wait until I'm done!

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  1. Good luck with your presentations and finals!
    Mhmm bubble tea <3 Xx

  2. Good luck on your final presentation!! I finished all my finals last friday ~


  3. Omg I miss bubble tea so much!! It's been year since I last time drank it :(

  4. What's your favorite bubble tea? I like strawberry snow bubble. It's called a snow bubble, I'm not sure why, but they're good!

    It's too bad, cuz where I live we have literally one boba tea chain. $4.50 for a small...?!


    1. I don't think I have a favorite haha. The two I usually get is the regular milk tea with boba or peach slush with jelly. I also like papaya, mango, and thai tea boba :).


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