My Beauty Mask Review: Black Pearl

September 14, 2013


Today I will be reviewing another My Beauty Diary Mask that I have. This time it is the black pearl one.

So school is in session, and I have been staying up late, stressing, and not taking care of my skin. Of course it would take a toll on my face. I have been breaking out and looking dull and tired and my face makeup has not been applying as smoothly as before. So it's about time to use a mask.

So did it do what it claimed?

  • Brightening ✓
    • Yes! After the mask, my face look like there is more life in it.
  • Collagen ✓
    • Yes! My skin does seem to be more tighten . My pores do not appear to be as big as before.
  • Firming ✓
    • Yes! Well, I believe it is, but my skin is still pretty young so I am not too sure.
  • Moisturizing ✓
    • Yes! My face felt so soft and smooth.
  • Regenerating ✓
    • Yes! The dullness of my skin looked a lot more healthier after using the mask.
  • Whitening ✓
    • Yes! I did notice that the area around my eyes has gotten lighter, and certain hyper-pigmentation on me face has lighten.
Hope this review helped!
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  1. Wow, this mask seems to be quite the hit! Thanks for the review, Sandy! o.o I really want to try MBD masks so badly. T__T Bahh~

    1. you're welcome! you can buy them on ebay or :)

  2. I am very positive about this mask as well c: Xx

  3. Ahhh, my favorite mask from MBD! <3
    Have you tried out other masks as well?

    1. Yes, I have! I tried the aloe one which I have reviewed. I linked it in this post and it is under the "skincare" tag.

  4. This seems like a really nice mask. Looks like it got all the important things. Just wondering, how much did you get it for?

    1. I don't remember. I got this back in NYC a couple of summers ago, but I think it's under $2 for one. I know you can get a pack of them on ebay or


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