CSA Photoshoot

September 06, 2013

Hey everybody!
I finally have time to make a post today. Because of school, I think I am going revert back to posting about once a week. I haven't decided on which day it will be, but it will most likely be around the weekends (Friday - Sunday).

So since school had started, my schedule has been pretty packed. Whether it be homework, projects, group meetings, student orgs, or etc. I seem to not have much time lately. Well, I'm quite involved in my student orgs and this year I am one of the historians for CSA (Chinese Student Association). We had a photoshoot before classes started and I thought I'll share my pictures here with you. I'll only be posting pictures of me because I don't want to post pictures of my eboard without their permission. These pictures were taken by the other historian. The only thing I edited was resizing the photos.

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