My 21st birthday week

September 29, 2013
So my birthday has recently past. It was on September 18th for those of you wondering. I honestly didn't do anything because it was during the middle of a school week and I had a bunch of school work to do. Yeah, it kinda sucked, but I really didn't expect much since I usually don't do anything for my birthdays. No, I lied. I actually planned on doing something for this birthday since I'm  turning the big 2-1, but you know how plans are...They never really work out. Okay enough of this depressing stuff haha! It really wasn't that bad!

So on the day of my birthday, I went and bought my first beer! SO exciting right?! LOL. They checked my ID of course and the cashier wished me a happy birthday which was nice. I forgot to take a picture of what I bought, but it was pretty good. It tasted like juice!

This was my birthday outfit.

I had originally planned on wearing something else, but it was too cold so I wore this instead.

Here is the cake I got from my parents along with some Chinese taro rice cakes.

I "celebrated" my birthday on the weekend with my cousins and siblings. It rained so we didn't do much either. We had hotpot at a restaurant. Perfect for a chilly, rainy day!

After dinner, bf and I went to a bar with my big and her bf. There was supposed to be more people there to celebrate with us since me and my big's birthday were two day apart. But it was raining so it was just us. We mostly watched the guys play pool and talked. 

This was my first mixed drink. It's called White Russian. My big got it for me, and it tasted like ice cream! 

My second drink was Cranberry Vodka which was pretty good, too. I thought the colors were pretty~.

Here is the only pic that turned out "okay" of me and my big.
Ew. I still think I look gross and awkward. LOL.

After the bar, bf and I just went to my cousin's place and chilled before we went home.

So this is the part that you guys will probably have more interest in - What did I get for my birthday?!

My parents got me a new phone since I have been using my LG Lollipop one for three years.
When I got this phone, I spent like 2 days customizing everything and figuring out how to use it. I was such a noob. This is my first smartphone so I was really excited! I got the Samsung 3 because the Samsung 4 is pretty much the same so why not be smart and just get the less expensive version? :)

My bf got me a DSLR camera! He knows that I have been wanting one for a really, really long time and decided to make my dreams come true. He let me choose which to get so I decided to get the Nikon D5100.
So funny. For my 18th birthday, I also got a phone and a camera. ^-^
I technically don't have this camera yet because we are waiting until Black Friday to get it which I am totally okay with.

My sister got me a shot glass LOL.
Sorry that it's dusty, it's been sitting on my desk and I haven't washed it yet...

My friend Megan gave me a little goodie bag fill with jewelry.
They're cute! 

Another one of my friends, Kyla, got me this cake pop as a belated birthday present :).
I was so happy when she gave it to me because I was starving that day. I gobbled this thing up!

The last present is from Sephora!
I have already started using these and I really like them. I think I'll make a review on them later on so stay tune~.

These other two things are kind of irrelevant, but I received them around my birthday so I thought I'll share what they are.

Adorable pens!
I ordered these pens from ebay to use for school and they finally arrived! They are all so cute and adorable!

I also received some sheet masks!
These were sent by my newest sponsor efacemask
I will be posting a review for them soon.

Overall, I am really grateful for all of the birthday wishes and presents I received. Even though I didn't do much for my birthday, I still enjoyed spending time with those that cared enough to do these lame things with me LOL. Thank you so much. 

Hope you guys liked this post!

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Meetup with my friend Lisa

September 24, 2013
Hey everyone! I noticed that I don't do much travel/lifestyle posts anymore so I thought I'll share what I did before school started.

I met my friend Lisa whom I met online like 4 years ago LOL! My bf and cousins came along to hang out at NOVA which is where she is from. First stop was to get FOOD.

We went to Yechon which is a Korean Restaurant.

We were going to get some kbbq but we ended up getting other things instead. If only somebody spoke up then we would have gotten kbbq instead of our own dishes. Well, we were all shy so...

Here's Lisa!
When I met her, she recently went blonde. If I didn't cut my hair short, we would have been twinsies ♥.

Of course, whenever we go to NOVA, we have to stop by this place.

My bf being silly~

We got bingsoo! This was the yogurt and fruit one. I was good, but I think I still prefer the green bean one.

Selfies time~

Then, we went to this cute little store. They sold so many cute stuff. I wanted everything!

They had a purikura machine!!!

We messed up on the first set of photos so we took another set. This was the first time that I took purikura so it was fun.

We stuck the "messed up" set on the machine. We were the only blonde asians HAHAHA.

The trip was so much fun. It was so nice to finally meet my friend in person, and she was just as cute in person as online. Hopefully, we'll meet again another day. :)

Do you guys like these types of posts? Tell me in the comment section below!

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Note to affiliates and future affiliates:

September 20, 2013
 I have not done a random check up on my affiliates for a really long time, and I decided to do one today. It turns out that half of the people that I had affiliation with have either taken off their affiliate section completely or have changed urls or deleted their blogs. I really do check up on my affiliates randomly. I have made it clear that if I find out that you have taken me off as your affiliate and have never told me, I automatically delete you as well. You will become blacklisted from my blog from being my affiliates again and other future promotions I will have.

It is okay if you take me off as your affiliate section for any reason; I will not be bitter against you, but all I ask if for you to notify me by email, comment, or message on the chatbox. It is not fair to me, if I hold up my end of the bargain, but you do not, especially if you are the person who requested to me my affiliate in the first place. It is sketchy, and I do not appreciate people like that. It is situation like this that made me set up rules in the first place.

If I have deleted you off due to a misunderstanding like you changed your url and forgot to tell me or you have place your affiliate section in a very hard to find place and I somehow missed it or cannot find it, then please email me to straighten everything out.

Thank you.


My Beauty Mask Review: Black Pearl

September 14, 2013

Today I will be reviewing another My Beauty Diary Mask that I have. This time it is the black pearl one.

So school is in session, and I have been staying up late, stressing, and not taking care of my skin. Of course it would take a toll on my face. I have been breaking out and looking dull and tired and my face makeup has not been applying as smoothly as before. So it's about time to use a mask.

So did it do what it claimed?

  • Brightening ✓
    • Yes! After the mask, my face look like there is more life in it.
  • Collagen ✓
    • Yes! My skin does seem to be more tighten . My pores do not appear to be as big as before.
  • Firming ✓
    • Yes! Well, I believe it is, but my skin is still pretty young so I am not too sure.
  • Moisturizing ✓
    • Yes! My face felt so soft and smooth.
  • Regenerating ✓
    • Yes! The dullness of my skin looked a lot more healthier after using the mask.
  • Whitening ✓
    • Yes! I did notice that the area around my eyes has gotten lighter, and certain hyper-pigmentation on me face has lighten.
Hope this review helped!
If you would like, check out my first review on the Aloe mask

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blonde asian

CSA Photoshoot

September 06, 2013
Hey everybody!
I finally have time to make a post today. Because of school, I think I am going revert back to posting about once a week. I haven't decided on which day it will be, but it will most likely be around the weekends (Friday - Sunday).

So since school had started, my schedule has been pretty packed. Whether it be homework, projects, group meetings, student orgs, or etc. I seem to not have much time lately. Well, I'm quite involved in my student orgs and this year I am one of the historians for CSA (Chinese Student Association). We had a photoshoot before classes started and I thought I'll share my pictures here with you. I'll only be posting pictures of me because I don't want to post pictures of my eboard without their permission. These pictures were taken by the other historian. The only thing I edited was resizing the photos.

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