OOTD: Pale Denims

Hi hi!
Back with another OOTD. Today was so HOT so I wanted to wear something that is loose and comfortable. I kept my color palette pretty neutral and basic. It's a very spring-like look.
I also posted a few random picture my bf took of me.

I look so chinky hahaha!

This was an accident shot that bf made, but I really like it :).

Please hype! I'll really appreciate the support ^^.

Papaya Color Block Chiffon Top | Forever21 High-waisted Light-washed Shorts | Forever21 Polkadots Flats

Little side note: My friend Megan curled my hair today so my hair was uberly curly haha so I just put it up in a bun since it was all over the place. We tried making an afro, but that didn't work out since my hair was too long. Anyway, this was how it looked when she finished curling it without brushing it out.
Sorry for the grainy quality. My ipod doesn't really take good quality pictures aha...

Hope you guys liked this post!
I will be uploading a makeup tutorial soon. I already took pictures and everything. I just need to edit the pictures and blog it.

So yeah! Follow me on instagram if you haven't and just a reminder that I will be hosting a giveaway when I get a certain amount of followers in each social network. Youtube is lagging a bit so please subscribe to it so I can host this giveaway! I will be uploading more youtube videos so stay tune.


  1. I liked your outfit today. It was cute :)
    We should do this sometime again. LOL I'll use my huge 32mm barrel to curl your hair next time.

    1. thanks! and haha maybe, as long as it's not as curly as this. it took a while for me to get all the curls and tangles out XD

  2. Love your hair and nice outfit <3 :)
    Subscribed you on youtube also^^

  3. I really like your outfit! It's nice^^
    You're hair looks really beautifull like that :)

  4. U have a great style

    really enjoying your blog, Maybe you could pop mine some time.



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