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Memorial Day Weekend Haul

May 30, 2013
Hello, hello~
So this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and there were a bunch of sales going on. I wasn't planning on spending much on this sale, but there were just some things that were such a great deal that I just couldn't give it up! Everything I got were $10 or under and the total for everything was under $50 :).

So let's start with what I got at Charlotte Russe. I bought 3 items there.
This was pretty much an impulse buy because I didn't really needed anymore sunglasses, but it was a good deal so I got them. I really like the shape of these shades and it's perfect for my mini collection. I usually have trouble finding sunglasses that fits my face because I have a flat nose and a small face. Most sunglasses look huge on me, but these were the perfect size! Also, I really like this shade of pink. It's like the perfect pastel pink for spring and summer. Plus, the little nose pieces help it stay on my nose bridge better than sunglasses that don't so if you guys have that trouble with your sunglasses falling, then try to find ones that have those two nose thingys. (I don't know what they're called.)

 I've been trying to find a nice pair of white lace shorts in my price zone and size for FOREVER. I was so glad when I saw these on sale and quickly snagged it! I feel like a pair of lace shorts is a spring/summer essential because it matches pretty much anything and gives the outfit a more feminine girly look.
These boots were also an impulse buy, too, but then again not really. I have been trying to find another pair of ankle boots in another color other than black. I don't know why, but I'm just so drawn to buying black clothing items and throughout the world shopping trip, I tried my best to stay away from buying anything black. 
Anyway, these boots were the best deal. These were just $10! I thought these were going to be $20, but it was an extra 50% off so I was like "YESSSSS!"

Next item I bought was from Forever21.
There wasn't actually much stuff on sale so I didn't get much.
Okay, I know I said I was going to try to not buy any black items, but I couldn't help it! Forever21 restocked on the black beanies! I bought one back during the winter, but after my bf borrowed it, he lost it and I couldn't find another one like it again. He got another one for me, but I didn't like the material and it wouldn't fit my big head well because it was too tight so yeah. I've been on a look out for a black beanie then. I don't know why it's so hard to find basic colored items, but it is. I was so happy that they had it in store so I just got it. I don't think I'm going to wear it during the summer, but I know I will definitely wear it during the fall and winter so I can just store it until then. 

The last two items I got was from H&M.

 I really like this top. At first I saw a dress with this pattern, but the dress was way too long and big for me so I was really happy when I found this top. I love this pattern! At first glance it looks like a purple/maroon/black design, but when you look at it up close it's actually just the eye tricking you because the red and blue mixed together to create a purple/maroon top. I think it's so cool hahaha! It looks a lot better on a person than on a hanger. The picture doesn't do justice to how the top looks!
I wasn't sure about buying these shorts because I didn't know what to wear with it since it's such a BRIGHT color. It's like a poppy red. I already have a pair of red distressed shorts, but they were really short and it was tight so I was like whatever, I'll just get these since it's so cheap. Surprisingly, when I tried these on, they fit like high waisted shorts which I love. If only they had the blush color shorts in my size, but I guess I'll settle with these since it's really hard to find high waisted shorts that fit me and in my price zone. 

So yeah! That's my haul. It's pretty short, but my description of them were pretty long so I guess it balances out? I was going to model all of the stuff I got so you guys can see how it looks on, but that's quite difficult to do when I don't really have a blank wall or enough space to do that. (There were actually a bunch of crap underneath the area I took these pictures haha). I'll probably wear some of these for OOTD so stay tune for those posts :).

Hope you guys liked this post and had a great Memorial Day weekend!
If you guys got some great deals, I would love to know what you got!

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Fawn Makeup Tutorial

May 22, 2013
Hey guys! Back with a new makeup tutorial. Today I'll be showing you guys how to do this look that's been going around that I thought it'll be fun to do. :)

This actually reminded me back in middle school when my art teacher said that I looked like a deer haha good times~ so let's get started!

 1. Apply concealer to cover up dark circles or any dark spots.
 This is how it looks when I applied it to both eyes.
 2. Apply eye primer so it can last longer, but most importantly for this tutorial to make the eyeshadow more vibrant.
 Gently tap and smooth out the the eye primer with your ring finger since it's the weakest finger so it won't harm your eyes.
 3. Apply brown eyeshadow all over eyelids.
4. Take a white pencil liner and apply it all over the rest of the eye area.
 Also, apply it under your eye area.
 5. Take a brush and blend the eyeliner. When you are done blending, take a white eyeshadow and apply it on top of the blended eyeliner. This will make it more vibrant and to make it last longer.
(You should probably do the white eyeliner part before applying brown eyeshadow, but I did this in one sitting so some things are a bit out of order aha...Add more brown eyeshadow if needed)
 6. Next, line your eyes. 
 7. Extend the liner to the inner corners of your eyes for a more almond shape.
 8. Line your bottom lash line and water liner and then blend it out.
 (Optional) Blend out the inner corner if you would like for a more "natural" gradation especially if you have tapered eyelids like me.
 This is how it looks with makeup on both eyes.
 9. Fill in eyebrows.
 10. Take a white eyeliner or a highlighter and highlight your nose bridge.
 11. Blend it out.
 12. Take bronzer and apply it on the hollows of your cheeks and under your cheekbones.
 Also, apply it around the face like the forehead and jawline. Like how you would normally apply bronzer. Keep applying layers until you have reached your desired color.
 12. To make the nose appear even higher contour it. I'm just using bronzer.
 13. Be sure to blend it outward to the cheeks.
 14. Apply a nude or a light lip color. 
 15. Draw the deer's nose like so
 16. Apply a few white dots on your cheeks 
17. Lastly, apply some mascara or falsies and you're done!

Final look again

Here are some up close and personal pictures so you guys can see the makeup better:

And a few silly pictures LOL
 I entered this picture to the Nastygal Keep It Weird Contest, but I didn't win. Haha.

 Fawn about to sneeze

Happy fawn

So yeah! I had a lot of fun doing this tutorial. I was a bit reluctant to wash it off because I liked it that much haha! Hope you guys like this tutorial as much as I did!

Also, some of you probably noticed, I formatted this tutorial differently than how I usually format it. Tell me what you think! Which way do you prefer?

Some of you might be wondering why I didn't just film this tutorial, well, it's because my camera really sucks at recording so until I get a better camera, I don't think I'll be making much makeup tutorial videos, but we'll see ;).

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argan oil

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Review

May 05, 2013
Hi guys! Long time no post aha...

Today I thought I'll share a product that I've been using. It's a product for your hair.
I got this randomly one day when I went grocery shopping with my mom. I've heard a lot about how moroccan argan oil is really good for your hair so I decided to try it out.

It is packaged in a box. I threw it away after I opened it so I don't have it with me, but it's a basic simple box with the front visible so you can see the product. The product bottle is about three inches tall and has a flip cap to access the product.

The product is oily since it is an oil. At first I was afraid that the smell will be kind of bad and pungent but it's actually quite pleasant. I don't really know how to describe the scent. It just smells kind of sweet - not sweet like candy sweet though. That's all I can really say. Also, this product isn't tested on animals so for those people who are against using products that are animal tested, use this!

I don't remember the exact price, but I think it was around $5. I think that it's enough to last for a while. I've been using it for almost a month. I also share it with my sister who have almost the same amount of hair I have and still have plenty left. It is definitely worth the money!

I usually use about a dime size amount for each half of my hair. You probably don't have to use that much if you have shorter or thinner hair. Just apply however much you think you need :). I use it when my hair is slightly damp so usually after a couple of hours after I showered. I just put some in my hand, rub them together, and massage it into my hair and then go to bed or go do whatever. It doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't feel like I put anything extra into my hair. I usually concentrate on the ends since it's the most damaged and work my way up and whatever is left I put in all over the top of my hair.

After using it for about three times, someone commented that my hair looks shinier. I was actually really surprised because I didn't notice the difference and thought that it would take longer for the results. I don't really use it everyday. I only use it when I remember. So far my hair seems to be softer and it does look shinier. I would definitely recommend this product!

Hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful!
Hopefully, I'll be able to post more since I'm done with school now :).

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