OOTD: Classic Twist

This is what I wore on Thursday.
I had 2 presentations today so I decided to wear these wedges so people can see me better LOL. 
It's because I'm really short so I'll need a little boost whenever I can.

Side story of what happened on Thursday.
It was all sunny in the morning, but around 11 in the morning which is when my second class starts, it started to pour outside. It was raining so hard and so much! I still had to get to class and I had no umbrella so I was SOAKED. Thank goodness the top I was wear was pretty sheer so it dried pretty quickly. Also, I wore a cami underneath so I didn't flash anyone either LOL.
 Awkward smile is awkward.

 My lashes look so long hehe. I didn't even use mascara.
I was still trying to get used to tripod and my self timer, but this accident shot looks nice ^^.

I bought everything from Forever 21 except for the belt which I bought at Walmart.
I don't remember where I bought the earrings, but it's rather F21 or Charlotte Russe.


  1. what is the music in background?

    1. if you went back a couple of post, i mentioned what the song was called, but it's Woo Yeon Suk (Click-B) & Hyuk Sung - Time Seemed to have Stopped (with Megan Lee)

  2. Pretty outfit! I love the shoes. I wish I felt comfortable wearing heels and wedges. I feel like I'm too high up in the air when I do :(

    1. thank you! haha doesn't matter, you can wear it if you want to. i'm short and i still wear flats pretty often

  3. You look really
    cute! Love the
    boots c: The
    first picture
    is my favorite


  4. i like your hair in this ^^
    love your top

  5. omg! this is so cute!! the earrings are absolutely adorable! <3


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