Fashion Day at Short Pump!

September 23, 2012
This was yesterday. I left the house at 10 to pick up my friends to go to Regency. There was a big sale at Forever 21! It was 50% off of already on sale items :))). There were so many things that were such good deals, but I limited myself because I didn't want to spend that much. After we were done shopping, we went to Short Pump because we had to be there at 2:30 to volunteer for the show. We were actually there like 2 hours early so we just walked around and talked. We met up with my sister and cousins and just chilled until it was time to go "backstage" to help out. My other friend, Megan, who isn't a Fashion major also volunteered with us because 3 people cancelled on them. She was chosen right on the spot since she was with us. :D
Fatin, Megan, and I. I really like this picture ^^.
 The picture is washed out, but look at the dude in the back that trolled us LOLOLOL.

 Some snapshots of Mindy's friend, Mindy, Jessica, and Diana.

 Us chilling a bit before we have to be in the "backstage" area.
 Passion Fruit Tea with Lemonade :D
 The dressers had to help get the garments from Sofia's car (who is the director of the show). We passed by these models who posed as mannequins. I really thought they were mannequins until I saw them change their pose. They did a really good job! 

Here are our lovely models:
All the dresses they wore were handmade and designed by VCU students :)
 The model I dressed was the one in the white kimono-looking dress all the way on the right ^^. 
 The Asian girl in the middle (Sofia) was the director of this show.
 Group picture! Models, dressers, coordinators.
 This is when the models practiced their walk before the show.

Us dressers didn't get to see the show because we were busying getting our models in and out of their outfits. It was a nice experience :). 

The only bad part was that the event wasn't really well organized because there were little kids and men there when our models were changing. We tried our best to make a little corner for our models to change in and cover them while they were changing. Other than that, it was fun!

After VCU's part was done, we could leave. We got our little goodie bags, too! It was handed out to the first 100 people. There was actually a lot more left even though we didn't get our bags until after we were done. I guess not much people knew about it so lucky us!

My bf called me saying that I can bring my friends over to his work place to get some free sushi so we went. We basically had free foods all day. Yay! College students always love free anything especially food. :)
Yesterday was such a fun day! I hope to do this again later if they have any events like this. I forgot to take pictures of what we had in the goodie bags, but most of them were coupons and gift cards to places at Short Pump ^^.

[Sponsored] Uniqso Circle Lens Review: Fresh Color Brown

September 22, 2012
Hey guys! I'm really sorry for not updating this blog as frequently like I used to. School has started to pick up and I just don't have as much time as I used to. I said I was going to upload the review of the Fresh Color circle lenses last weekend, but I didn't have time, but I have it today!

I received these lenses last week from UNIQSO. I've worn them out 3-4 times so far :)
This is actually the second one I received because they sent the wrong prescription for me the first time, but Lee Lee was really nice and sent me the correct ones again 

This was everything it came with. Isn't the box adorable?!
You get all of these for each circle lenses you get.

The box is really cute so I took pictures of each side LOL.

It says "Thank you" in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish!
Here's the vial of how they came in:
 Taken with flash
 Taken without flash in indoor lighting
I thought I'll show a side-ish view to let you guys see the halo effect these lenses have on my eyes :)

DESIGN: ★★★★★
I LOVE the design. It's really natural and I really like how it doesn't have a black ring around it.
COLOR: ★★★★★
I really like the color, too. It's almost the same color as my natural eye color. I like the natural gradation of it. 
These lenses are 14.2mm. For my eyes, I think they are the perfect enlargement without it looking too bug-eyed. I rate it a 3/5 because they do enlarge the eyes but not a very BIG enlargement.
COMFORT: ★★★★☆
I can wear these for the whole day, but they do get a little dry so I would have to use some eye drops during the day. I kinda have dry eyes due to allergies currently so maybe that's why.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
I really do like these lenses! I recommend them for people who want to have natural looking eyes and a slight enlargement :). My bf said that these make my eyes "sparkle" and cute hehe ^-^. They look bigger on my eyes because whenever I wear dark colored lenses, they tend to give me this bug-eyed effect so I usually stay away from dark colors, but these were perfect. These are about the same size as my tricolor lenses which are my fav ♥ My favorite tricolor one is the blue one so far because it was perfect for my eyes LOL. That's why you always see me comparing the circle lenses I have with that one.

Hope this post was helpful! Thanks for reading (⌒_⌒) 

If you would like to get these lenses you can use my discount code "SUY10" for an extra 10% off!


OOTD: Preppy Goth

September 11, 2012

I know these are terrible quality pictures, but this is what I wore today to school.
Charlotte Russe Red blazer | XXI Toyko tee | JCPenney Matte Pleather leggings | Ebay White creepers | Dillard's Black Pleather backpack

Oh and say "hi" to my trash can model, too LOL. 


OOTD: Pink Lace

September 09, 2012
I haven't updated in about a week! >.<.

School is picking up and so I have lots of presentations and projects to do so I haven't been able to update as frequently. I do have all of these ideas for upcoming posts to do so stay tune for that. I know that there are things on that lists that I haven't done yet, but that "Upcoming post" section is mostly for me to keep my ideas somewhere. I will eventually do all of them! I did delete all the things on the list I did to keep it neat.

Anyway, enough for my little update of my excuse for not posting haha. 

I was planning on doing "Outfits of the Week" post, but in the middle of taking pictures of my outfits, my camera died so I only have 2 OOTDs. I only took Wednesday's and Thursdays.

This is what I wore on Wednesday :)

 This picture was really washed out by the sunlight, but I really like it for some reason. 
It looks like I'm a fairy *:・゚\(^ヮ^)/✧*:・゚

I took all of these pictures myself with my tripod and camera timer. It was kind of hard (mostly the lighting part), but I think the pictures turned out okay~.

Pink Lace Ruffled Top: from mom 
Light Grey Cami: XXI
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans: XXI
Leopard Print Loafers: Sears


♥ Circle lens on sale ♥

September 02, 2012

UNIQSO is having a promotion and the Puffy 3 tone (Shinny) series and the GEO Angel/Super Angel series are on sale! The Puffy series are down to $9.90 and the Angel/Super angel series are 50% off which both can be bought in your prescription if you need that! The offer ends September 15th.
Check those out if you have a chance and are looking for new circle lenses for the new school year ^-^.
If you do buy some, use my discount code (SUY10) for an extra 10% off. (★^O^★)
I just bought some last night! I bought the Puffy Grey and Puffy Violet because I’ve been eyeing those for so long so I’m really glad that they went on sale! LOL.
*Disclaimer: I am affiliated with them, but UNIQSO did not tell me to promote this promotion. I just wanted to let you guys know that there is this sale going on, and who doesn’t like good deals, right?*

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