How to Make Creampuffs

July 29, 2012
So I thought I'll post one of the things we tried baking last week with my sister and cousins. The last baking thing I posted was about a year or two ago LOL. 
Well, we've been thinking about making these creampuffs for a long time and we finally got a chance to make them. It's actually a lot easier than we thought. This was just our first try and they turned out PERFECT!
So let's get started!

Ingredients you'll need to make the puffs without the filling:
  • cold water (250mL = 1 cup)
  • butter, diced (100g = 7 tablespoons)
  • pinch of salt
  • plain flour (125g = 1/2 cup)
  • 4 eggs
  • (Optional: food coloring)

 For the filling you can use anything you want. 
The four of us decided to use whipped cream and Nutella.

So first preheat the oven to 220 C゚= 428 F゚. 
We preheat it to 425 F゚since our oven goes by 5s.

Next, make the water come to a boil and then add the butter and salt to melt it.

When the butter is all melted, add the flour and continue to stir until it looks like this.

 Then, take it off the stove and let it cool so it's warm to the touch. We sped up the process by taking a cold pot of water and putting our pot over it and continued stirring. When it is warm to the touch add in ONE egg and keep stirring. The reason it has to be cool is because you don't want the egg to cook in pieces. You want the egg mixed all together with the dough. It should look something like this.

 Keep adding in ONE egg at a time and stirring. Don't add more than that because you might not be able to stir fast enough without having the egg cook. After adding more eggs (one at a time), the mixture should look glossy like this.

 When you finished mixing, you put it in a little baggy or a pipebag if you have one. We just DIYed it with one of those ziplock bags. You can make the dots however big you want. They don't run so however big you make the dots, that's how big it will be when it finish baking. They poof up!
★Make sure you use a not greasy pan.★ 
We lined ours with aluminium foil for easy clean up.

We tried to make purple creampuff by mixing red and blue food coloring but it didn't work out LOL. 
They turned dark brown.

This is how they turned out in 15 minutes. They look so puffy and cute!
Let them cool for a bit.

 For the filling you need to make holes at the bottom. 
We used knives and chopsticks to make them LOL. We're so Asian.
We used whipped cream at first, but we ended up running out so we used Nutella instead. (◕ω◕)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚ Voila! You're done! 

You can eat it as soon as you're done, but the four of us prefer them to be frozen so we put it in the freezer for a while before eating them.

We got our recipe here.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Feel free to leave me suggestions of what to make next and my sister, cousins, and I will try to make them 


Day 04: Doll-like Look

July 23, 2012

  • First Row: Prep your eyes with eye primer. Apply a base color. I used "Virgin" from my NAKED palette.
  • Second Row: Take a like brown color and apply it on the outer corner making a triangle. I used "Buck" from my NAKED palette. Also, take the light brown color and apply it on the bottom outer corner of the eye. Then, I took a shimmer purple-y color (I used "Toasted" which again is from my NAKED palette) and add it in between the two colors that I had already applied to make a nice gradient.
  • Third Row: Next, line the eyes with whatever eyeliner you like to use. I used my Maybelline gel liner in "Espresso". Drag the eyeliner downward because this make your eyes rounder and more puppy-eyed. Then line about 1/3 inward on your bottom lash line. Fill in the gap. It should look like a triangle. I also used "Buck" and mixed it with "Dark Horse" to line the next 1/3 of my eyes. It just makes the bottom lash line look more connected and because it looks like the eyeliner gradually gets thinner towards the inner corner of my eyes.
  • Fourth Row: Highlight the inner corners. I used "Sin" from the same palette that I've been using for this whole tutorial LOL. I also used the same color to highlight the center on my eyes to make my eyes pop more. Curl your lashes.
  • Fifth Row: Apply a generous amount of mascara on top and bottom lashes. (Optional: apply false lashes. I used demi-lashes and followed the downward eyeliner I made early. This give it a more rounder look).
  • I used a pink lipstick for my lips (Revlon Lip Butter - "Strawberry Shortcake"), and apply some pink blush (NYC - "Pink Cheek Glow").
So here's the final look and some camwhore shots~ (^-^*)

This look was mostly inspired by gyarus since they are so doll-like. 
There wasn't anyone in particular I was basing this on. It was just a general look haha. 
Hope you guys like it! ヾ(⌒_⌒)ノ

PS - Sorry that the quality of the pictures are kinda grainy...My camera was dying on me when I was taking pictures.
ashy brown

Hair Update: Redyed my roots and the rest of my hair with Palty Macaron Beige

July 23, 2012
So it's been about 3 months since I last dyed my hair. My roots were crazy! They were around 2 inches so I dyed them yesterday with some help from my cousin Diana.

Here's how my hair looked with all the roots and stuff grown out:
No edits by the way. Taken with flash.

I used the same hair dye that I've been using. Yes, you got it right - Palty Macaron Beige!

I did my roots first and waited about 10 minutes and then dyed the rest of my hair. I used 2 bottles, but I think I needed like 3 bottles since my hair has gotten so long. I have long and thick hair. 

Here's how it looks after I rinsed and used conditioner:
Tada!~ ヾ(^∇^)ノ
No more roots and even color. 
This was also taken with flash and no edits.

If you're wondering if my hair color came out to be like the hair dye. It did! Or at least really similar to it.
Taken with flash and no edits.

Taken without flash and no edits.

My hair is mostly the same color, but around the mid section of my hair (like around the neck to shoulder area) it's a little darker. That's only because I ran out of hair dye. It's fine though since the color will fade anyway and my hair look mostly the same color  haha. 

My hair doesn't really look that orange in real life and in natural lighting. It looks more ashy and beige.

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below in the comment box!


2NE1 - I Love You: CL-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

July 21, 2012
Hey! I haven't been posting much lately since I was busy.
I had some time today and decided to do CL's look from their newest mv. It's from the same mv as the Minzy-inspired look I did last week. Remember how I couldn't decide which look to do so I did both (≧∇≦).

Here are the reference pictures I used: 

Now for the tutorial!

  • First Row: Prep eyes with eye primer. Take a blue eyeliner and draw a line out that follows your natural bottom lash line and bring it upwards.
  • Second Row: Connect the end of the line you just created with your blue eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes. Now fill it in. Then, take some dark grey eyeshadow (I'm using "Gunmetal" from NAKED palette) and darken the blue eyeliner. The reason I did this is to make it last longer and because I saw a hint of blue in my reference photos. After you're done, take a black eyeliner and do the same thing you did on your top lids, but follow the natural curve of your upper lash line and go downwards.
  • Third Row: Now line your bottom lash line and tightline your top lids. This will intensify the eyes, make your lashes look fuller, and make your eyes a bit smaller which is perfect for me since my eyes are more round and CL's are more narrow. Then, take a dark grey color and smudge your bottom lash line for a smokey effect.
  • Fourth Row: Line your eyes. Don't wing it out. Also, CL's eyes are lined all the way to the corner of her eyes and has a little point on the inner corners so I did the same. The point also makes your eyes look more narrow and more "squinty".
  • Fifth Row: Take a glitter white eyeshadow or eyeliner and highlight the inner corners. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  • Sixth Row: Apply false lashes if you want. I cut my fake lash in half and made demi-lashes instead. Now you're done! ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆
For the lips I used a nude lipstick. I used Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. You can use any nude, peachy colors for your lips. 

Here are some final look picture:

This look was a bit hard for me to do because my eyes are a lot rounder than CL's and I have double/tapered eyelids when CL's has monolids. This look mainly focuses on making the your eyes look more wide and narrow for that "sexy" looking eyes. When you are done you would notice that your bottom lashline area look straight instead of slanted if you have Asian eyes LOL.
I also felt kinda "ghetto" because of the hoop earring I wore. They're actually my sister's that I borrowed for this look XD.

Hope this tutorial helps! Also, feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions!
Thank you! (⌒_⌒)

2NE1 - I Love You: Minzy-Inspired Tutorial

July 15, 2012
So 2NE1's new song came out last week and I've been addicted to the song. It's currently playing on my music player for this blog (〃^▽^〃). I saw the music video and I really liked their eye makeup especially CL's and Minzy's. I decided to so a tutorial on Minzy's. 
Here are the reference pictures I used for this tutorial:

Minzy looks so grown up now! I can't believe that she's younger than me LOL. 

Now to get started on the tutorial! (*´∀`*) 

^click to enlarge^
  • First row: Prepping the eyes with Urban Decay Eye Primer potion and using NYX Jumbo Black Eyeshadow pencil as a base.
  • Second Row: Using a brush, I winged out and got the general shape of the eyes. Next, I brought down the black to my lower lash line as well. I brought it in about 2/3 into the lash line.
  • Third Row: Then, I tight-lined my upper lash line and bottom lash line to intensify the look. Then, I lined my eyelids with a gel liner with a wing as well.
  • Fourth Row: I took a black eyeshadow (I used "Creep" from my NAKED palette) to darken the look. Plus layering helps the makeup last longer.
  • Fifth Row: I did the same with the bottom lash line, and then I add some white shimmery liquid eyeliner to the inner corners of my eye.
  • Sixth Row: I took "Hustle" from my NAKED palette and smooth out the edges. I noticed that Minzy had some purplish-brown color on her eyelids so I did the same haha.
  • Seventh Row: Lastly, I curled my lashes and used mascara. You can use false lashes if you want, but I couldn't find my lash glue so this is all I can do LOL. 
*Please excuse my eyebrows. I'm in the process of growing them out ( ̄▽ ̄) 
And I used Revlon Lipbutters - Creme Brulee and Tutti Frutti on my lips. I just mixed the colors and then added Artistry - Confetti lip gloss on top.

This is the final result. (⌒_⌒;)

Hope this tutorial was helpful (^~^) .
Btw. This is very similar to how I did my "edgy" look from before, but this look is more "pointy".
And if you have suggestions for future looks or anything feel free to tell me! I'll try to do them. :)

Fobbybarbie Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green Review

July 12, 2012
Hi guys!
I just received these circle lenses yesterday. I ordered mine from FobbyBarbie Sunday night, and I got them on Wednesday. Really fast shipping!
They are having a clearance on their Geo Princess Mimi Series and they're only $8.99 with free shipping (☆^O^☆). If you're interested, you should check it out here before they run out of your prescription. If they don't have your prescription then you can still order but it would be the original price.

The packaging was regular packaging with a white manila envelope and bubble wrap aligned on the inside. The circle lenses were wrapped in bubble wrap, too. 

Here are the circle lenses I got.

I got the Bambi Apple Green because it was the only one in my prescription. I actually wanted the Almond one but oh well. I always wanted to try these green ones anyways because I saw some people that did reviews on them and it looked great! This is my first pair of green lenses and with the diameter on 15mm O_O. I'm probably going to look alien-ish wearing these, but we'll see.

I am currently soaking them right now so I won't be able to wear them and take pictures until 5-6pm (Eastern time) this evening :/. I just wanted to make this post to let those that are interested in their deal to get it before it's over. Later tonight I will edit this post and upload pictures to give my review on these.


I soaked them for 6 hours before I wore them.

Here's how they look:

Basic Info
Name: GEO Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green
DIA: 15.0mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Life Span: 1 year after opening

DESIGN: ★★★★
I really like the design of these lenses. It's pretty "natural" compared to other circle lenses with a black limbal ring. It has a gradient effect unlike the GEO Angel Grey that I had previously owned. It's "natural" because the limbal ring is not a smooth solid black line around it, but rather jagged. Sorry for my lack of a better word aha. They also give a slight halo effect if you guys like that.  。◕‿◕。

COLOR: ★★★★
The color is so pretty! The green shows up in my eyes, and I like how the colors blend together to make it look more "natural". These are basically like the Geo Tricolor series that I love, but with a black ring around it and bigger. These aren't too vibrant either so yay!~

These are 15mm circles lenses. I have never worn lenses this big. I like it though for some reason. It really gives me a dolly look. (◕ヮ◕)

I haven't worn contacts or circle lenses in like over half a year or so. When I first put it in, I couldn't feel them at all. It was pretty comfortable, but after a while of wearing them, my eyes started to get a bit dry. It's understandable since they are pretty big circle lenses, but I would maybe at most wear these for like 3-4 hours. I prefer to be able to wear my contacts and circle lenses for the whole day so comfort is the most important to me.
[edit] I can wear these lenses for almost the whole day now without it irritating my eyes. I do keep eyedrops with me just in case they do.

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
Overall, I really like these lenses. I feel like I look less "alien-ish" with them than the Angel Greys and ck-105s I had before. I think the main reason is probably the color. For some reason, I always look like an alien when I wear dark lenses so I try to get ones that aren't that dark. Also, I was afraid green lenses will look funny on me, but I think I look okay with green eyes, right? LOL. I feel like it compliments my hair color (≧∇≦).

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