Lavender Hair

May 30, 2012
I know it's a trend right now and really hypster and stuff, but you can't deny that it does look really pretty in pictures. Look!

Doesn't it look gorgeous?!
I even like the way it looks with the roots growing in.

I remember back in 8th grade in my art class, my teacher will do these little things for role call like tell her what our favorite color or what animal do we think we look like. You know, random stuff like that. One time the topic was what is something outrageous that we wanted to do or something that we would never do. She went backwards on the role so I was first. I didn't have enough time to think so I said "dye my hair purple." She commented saying "for you, yes it would be outrageous, but not other people in the class" LOL. It's because I was the shy, quiet, Asian girl.

Anyways, I decided to photoshop my hair to see how it would look like. Please excuse my crappy photoshop skills haha.

So does it suit me? I tried a bunch of different hues of this color by adding more or less red/blue. Maybe I should upload them individually also so I can tell which of the hues are more suited to my skin color?

I like this one.

I like this one, too.

I really like this color, but it's more of a pink which I don't mind.

I like this one, too asjfkldsfd.

Sorry that there are so many pictures of my face...
I don't think I would really dye my hair lavender, but I might try those temporary hair sprays or hair dyes because I feel like my hair will be really damaged if I get the shade of lavender I want. :/ Also, my parents would probably kill me for dyeing it this color ahaha. At least I had fun photoshopping these XD. I'm pretty sure this lavender/pink hair is just a mini phase I'm having, but yea. It still looks so nice!

Overrated Shoes I want

May 24, 2012
Like any other girls out there, I LOVE shoes! My mom complains that I have a lot of shoes, but I don't think I have that much...I mean I haven't thrown away any shoes I got since 8th grade. I still have them all ahaha. I'm a pack rat >.<.

Anyways, these are the shoes I've been eyeing, but I don't know if I'll get because they are pretty pricey. Also, these shoes are pretty overrated, but whatever haha. I've heard good things about them so why not?
I don't think I'll get them all at the same time, but maybe splurge on a pair when I can.

EDIT: I finally found the place of the leopard printed creepers I want!

I really like the last pair because I like the design, but it only comes in 2 inch platforms. The first two pairs are 1 inch platforms.

The reason why I want 1 inch platform is because I feel like if I wear a 2 inch platform, people would think I'm trying to hard to be taller LOL. Remember when those platform flip-flops were popular? I hated them! I mean I don't think 2 inches is too much if you're like 5'3+, but I'm under 5 feet so wearing 2 inch tall shoes that aren't heels will look awkward on me. :/

EDIT: I'm starting to really like the cheetah printed one a lot more now and the first white pair. I think I'll eventually get both x].

A LOT of people have these. I want a pair so badly though ┰ω┰. When they first came out, I didn't want to get a pair because I thought that it might look too chunky on me because this shoe is pretty block-like. After seeing all these different people wearing them, I don't think it would. I think it pretty much flatters all sizes. I also hear these are REALLY comfortable for a high-heeled shoe. I'm not sure which color I want but most likely I'll get a one of the first 3 - black, blue, or nude.

Dr. Martens
These are basically like combat boots which I have a pair of, but the shaft of the shoe is shorter than my combat boots. I'm mostly drawn to this shoe is because it's like rain boots + combat boots which is awesome! I don't really like rain boots because they look plain and kiddy-ish, so usually I wear combat boots when it rains or my tall black boots. 
I really like these two colors. I don't know which to choose because I was drawn to the white pair first, but I also like the red one. I do wish the red was more of a wine color though.

The main problem with all these shoes is that I can't try them on. I think they only sell them online. I heard that the Litas are true to size, but the problem is that I don't know what size I am...I wear shoes that range from 4s - 6s. Most shoes that I need to wear socks for, I get 6s. If it's heels I get 5s or 5.5s. For flats I usually get 6s since it's easy to find, but I need to add the heel thing so it won't slip off my feet.

For the creepers, and Dr. Martens is fine if I get a 6 I think, but the Litas are my main concern. It's heels that you can wear socks with so...???

I wish I knew someone in real life that has a pair of Litas so I can try it on and see which size I should get (´;ω;`).


Day 01: Simple, Natural Look (you should look like you’re not even wearing makeup!)

May 22, 2012
So I had time to do one of the looks on the Make-up Challenge the other day, but haven't had time to  upload the pictures so here they are!
^click for enlargement :)
Oh yea, after I applied mascara onto my curled lashes, they were sticking up way too much for my liking so I made them less dramatic by "flattening" them haha.

So yea. That's basically it. Really simple and natural right? x]


Makeup Challenge (second attempt)

May 15, 2012

I posted this on this blog last summer and I never completed this challenge so I'm going to start it again. Hopefully, I'll be able to do all the looks on here this summer. It probably would not be back-to-back. It'll be more like a weekly thing. 

Create these looks on yourself or someone else and post a picture of it (:
Day 1: Simple, Natural Look (you should look like you’re not even wearing makeup!)
Day 2: Edgy Look
Day 3: Any look with a bold lipstick
Day 4: Doll-like Look
Day 5: Makeup for Holidays
Day 6: Makeup that makes you look like an animal
Day 7: Makeup inspired by a famous celebrity
Day 8: Makeup that represents a culture other than your own
Day 9: Makeup inspired by a flower
Day 10: Makeup for a night out at the club
Day 11: Any look with glittery eye shadow
Day 12: Makeup inspired by a Disney princess
Day 13: Makeup that makes you look like the opposite sex
Day 14: Any look with lots (and I mean LOTS) of mascara
Day 15: Sexy Smokey Eye Look
Day 16: Makeup that shows off your eye color
Day 17: Edgy Eyeliner Look
Day 18: Makeup that shows off your bone structure
Day 19: Dinner Dance/Prom Makeup
Day 20: No Makeup At All (to remind yourself that you are beautiful,


Review: Artistry Essentials Samples

May 15, 2012
My bf gave me these to try. He recently started his IBO thing which is the business project I was referring to if you follow my personal blog. If any of my followers would like to learn more about it, I can give you my bf's contact information which he can tell you more about it. Anyways, when he started it, they gave him a box of samples of lots of different things. He got some skin care stuff and didn't know what to do with it so he gave them to me. These are the things he gave me:
  • ARTISTRY sample packet

I will be reviewing the ARTISTRY essentials hydrating products since I have normal to dry skin. 
You basically get a cleanser, toner, and a moisturizer. They also included samples of the eye creme. I used these products last week and I think they are pretty good products. I've only used 2 of each sample since that's all the hydrating ones in the packet. So this review will only be based on those two days I used them. The other samples I'm going to give it to my sister to try since she has combination skin. She haven't used them yet so if she doesn't, if my followers are interested, I might send it to them to try. I'll make a post later on if my sister doesn't use them.

ARTISTRY essentials hydrating cleanser: This cleanser has a lotion-y consistency. I'm usually pretty sensitive to smells, but I liked the smell of this product. It smells is nice and fresh. I didn't smell any chemicals at all. 
ARTISTRY essentials hydrating toner: This toner was a clear/gray/white color. It's hard to describe. It felt a bit oily, but there was little to no smell. Again, I didn't smell any chemicals. The sample packet gave a lot of toner so I didn't use all of it. I used my hands when I applied it since I didn't have anymore cotton pads. After I applied it, I fanned my face with my hands so the toner will soak in my skin more.
ARTISTRY essentials hydrating lotion: The lotion/moisturizer was almost the same consistency as the cleanser. I think it was a bit lighter, and the smell was nice, too. Also, the sample gave more product than I needed so I didn't use the whole thing. 

ARTISTRY essentials replenishing eye creme: They gave me A LOT of product in the sample even though the sample was smaller than the others. The consistency was similar to the cleanser and lotion/moisturizer. No chemical smells also.

I used these at night before I went to bed. My face still felt a bit "greasy" but it's because of the products I had on my face. The first time I used it, I used all of the products that was in the sample because I thought you had to aha. I didn't really need that much so the second time I used it, I only used what I needed and it did the job. Little goes a long way.

The next morning when I woke up, my face felt so nice~. It was not "greasy" like how it was when I went to bed. It was really smooth and felt really hydrated. It definitely did what it said it would do. I couldn't stop touching my face because it felt so firm and bouncy LOL. My bf couldn't stop touching my face because it felt so smooth XD. 

I only used one packet of the eye creme because I was too lazy to use it the second time I used the other three products. I'm not really sure how eye cremes are supposed to work, but I felt like it made the areas around my eyes brighter? My bf pointed out that my dark circles were less dark when he saw me. I'm not sure if it's because of the eye creme or because I had sufficient amount of sleep. I still need to use it more to find out.
  • ARTISTRY Time Defiance Mosturizer
I've been using this moisturizer/lotion for my face for the past week. I like it. It replaced my Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. I only need 1 - 1.5 pump of it for my face and neck. It's a clear, white color and it smells nice. I think it smells almost like cucumbers. It doesn't feel greasy when I applied it to my face and neck. It feels like I'm not even wearing it at all. I use this product twice a day - once when I get up in the morning and once when I'm about to go to bed. However, I didn't use it when I used the ARTISTRY essentials hydrating lotion because both are lotions/moisturizer ahaha. Since I usually use the hydrating lotion at night, I use the Time Defiance one in the morning.

After using the Time Defiance one, my face have gotten smoother and firmer :D. I think I might ask my bf to get me this moisturizer after I'm done with the sample ^^.

[Disclaimer]: I wasn't paid to blog about this. These are my honest opinions that I thought I would share with my followers. To be honest, I was actually reluctant to try these samples because I never heard of the brand, but on the sample packet it said that the products were made with natural ingredients and on the back it listed all of the ingredients that were in the product so I decided to give them a try. I'm glad I did because my skin does feel really nice ^^.

Make-up Tutorial: Warm Sunny Orange

May 12, 2012
Okay, this is my first time making a tutorial like this so I hope it's not too bad...Hopefully, you'll understand.

This look was inspired by my Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti. I never really get to wear that color since it's kind of vibrant for me. I tend to like peachy, nude, or pale pink colors. I know that the eye make-up don't have any orange to it; it's more golden which I think would look compatible with the orangey color of my lips since they are both warm colors. I just decided to take picture of how to do the eye make-up since it's usually the hardest part to doing make-up (even though I don't think this eye-look is that complicated).

*^click for enlargement
I didn't put mascara on because usually I don't wear any. Also, I think they can be kind of a pain to take off ahaha.
(with vs without make-up)

Oh, if you're wondering which products I used here's a picture for you ^^.
  • not pictured above - Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner (I forgot...)

Here are the colors I used out of the Urban Decay NAKED palette.

Now some camwhore pictures! LOL

[UPCOMING POST] Review on Artistry Essentials Samples (◕‿‿◕)


Current Nails

May 09, 2012

My current nails are like this~

This is what I used and it's in the color "218A I Need a Refresh-Mint".
This is my favorite color so of course I had to buy it! I was also really drawn to the shape of the brush. It definitely made it easier to apply the polish onto my nails. My nails are kind of big so the regular brush tips are always too small so I have to make more strokes. I only had to make two strokes and I was done!
 I've used other Wet n Wild nail polishes before, but I really like the new ones. I like the packaging and I feel like the quality of the nail polish is better than before. This is also one of the fastest drying polish I've ever used, and it's pretty cheap! LOL. I think I got mine for $1 something. 
I painted my nails on Sunday and today is Wednesday and they haven't even chipped. I only applied two coats without a base coat nor a top coat.

hi hi~

May 09, 2012
I know it's been a while since I last posted something so this post will be a quick update and a list of things I plan on posting later on in this blog ^^.

Firstly, I redyed my hair! My roots were growing in so I redyed it two and half weeks ago. I used the same hair dye as before: Palty's Macaron Beige. I tried filming how I dyed my hair, but it was a rainy day and my camera was being stupid so that didn't work out...
Anyways, here are some pictures of how my hair looks like currently. I haven't really had time to camwhore much so most of these are with other people ^^.

I'm aware that most of these pictures are blurry, but this is the best I can do >.<. I really need to get a new camera. I've actually been taking pictures with my ipod so if any of you have instagram then feel free to follow! It's "uhhsandy"

Things I plan on posting in the future (It's very vague, but hopefully you guys will have an interest?):
  • hauls
  • OOTD
  • make-up tutorials?
  • DIYs?
  • nail tutorials?
  • art stuff like painting/scrapbooking/room decor?
  • product reviews?
  • collections I have? (shoes, jewlery, bags, etc)
Please leave a comment with what you would like to see on my blog? I don't want to feel stupid for spending so much time on this "artsy" blog if no one even reads or look through it. >.< I have a personal blog where that can happen LOL.

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