Different Types of Eyelids

September 09, 2011
For those that don't know, there are various eyelid types. Most just differentiate them by monolids and double eyelids.

Monolids are typically what people think are "Asian eyes." I think only Asians have this type of eyes...Monolids are when your eyes are opened and you see no creases. I think big monolid eyes are really pretty and kinda rare to have. They're my favorite type. My cousin Diana and my brother has this type of eyes (big monolid eyes). My bf has the stereotypical chinky kind of monolids hahaha. I think it looks cute on him though ^^.

There's other types of monolid eyes, but I don't know what they are called besides just "monolid" or "single eyelids."

Double eyelids are when people can see the fold or crease when your eyes are open. There are two types of double eyelids.
  1. Parallel Eyelids - when the top curve of your eye and the fold or crease is not touching in the inner corner of your eyes, but instead are parallel to each other.
  2. "Semi-fold"/Tapered Eyelids - I don't know what this type of eyelid is called so I made up the name "semi-fold" haha, but it's double eyelids and the inner corners of the eyes overlap. Some say that they don't consider this type of eyes are "double eyelids" because there is that inner fold. Well, I consider it a form of double eyelid. (Edit: it's mostly widely referred to as "tapered eyelids.")
The creases on your eyelid do make a big difference to how your eyes look. The higher your crease is the bigger your eyes look. Sometimes it makes your eyes rounder or wider.

I have the semi-fold/tapered eyelids. I think it suits me pretty well. However, this past week my eyelids were being weird and had extra creases. It made me have the parallel eyelids. I thought it made me look alien-ish when I don't have eye make-up on.

This is how my eyelids normally look:

Here are some pictures from when I had the parallel eyelids for a week for some reason:


You can see it kinda made my eyes look bigger and even kinda like "puppy dog eyes" LOL.

So yeah. I hope this helps explain what types of eyelids there are. I had questions about what "parallel eyelids" were which inspired me to do this post. If you aren't sure what type you have I'll be happy to tell you if you show me a picture of yourself.

Knowing which type of eyelids you have can actually help a lot with how to wear eye make-up. ^^
For example, when I have my normal eyelids (semi-fold/tapered), I don't line my eyes all the way sometime. I just line it half way outwards. I don't put any eyeliners towards the inner half. When I had the parallel eyelids I had to line the whole top part because it looks better that way and help to visually enhance the shape. Because the semi-fold double eyelids already pretty much "lined" the inner side of the eye I don't need to line it. I mean you can still line it haha, but to me I like it better half-lined.
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September 09, 2011
I haven't updated this blog in a while....aha. I actually have a lot of stuff I want to post here but I just don't have time to. I might make a haul video of all the stuff I got and then make a detailed post or something. This weekend I don't have to work and same with the next so hopefully I'll be able to post some things here and take pictures.

Anyways, school has started so that means I actually make an effort to dress nicer. It actuall started like two weeks ago for me but whatever haha.

This is what I wore today. Pretty casual and comfortable.

I've been really loving my combat boots lately. I wear them like 4/5 school days. XD It matches like everything! Also, it's been raining a lot this week. Today was like the only day that it didn't rain and was actually warm enough for me to wear shorts. I didn't wear make-up today cuz I was too lazy to put it on. You can't even tell if I am or not anyways in this picture LOL.
Orange Shirt: JCPenney
Blue Pin-striped Shorts: XXI
Cream Cardigan: XXI
Brown Combat Boots: Charlotte Russe
Brown Braided belt: XXI
Crown Necklace: XXI

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